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Bold And Amazing Strands

Our Inspiration


The inspiration for BAAS, Bold And Amazing Strands, comes from Psalm 139:14, where the psalmist, David, is praising God because he is overwhelmed by the majesty of a God who could create him in such an intricate and unique way.

Be Bold...

The word “fearfully” in this scripture is the Hebrew word for “yare” which means to respect, to revere, to honor, to stand in awe of, and to be afraid of. When God made you, He made you full of respect, reverence, honor and awe. So be confident and proud of how you wear your strands!

You are Amazing...

“Wonderfully” when translated from Hebrew means unique and set apart. Everything that we are first comes from the source of everything that God is. We are made in the image of God...down to every strand on your head! Your strands and the style in which you wear them is what makes you unique!

StrandCare is Self Care...

God designed you exactly the way He wanted you to be… and what He made is good! Self care is keeping your strands in good condition with a nutritious diet, regular exercise and products that support optimum hair health. Good hair is healthy hair!